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Linus from Linus Tech Tips raising an Ergodox-EZ Shine

Here are some of the nice things people around the Web said about the ErgoDox EZ, in their own words:

“This keyboard is just way too handy to give up! Using the thumb for just the space bar is so limiting. And the ability to forgo the shift key! I keep holding down keys on my laptop expecting to get a capital letter.”
Mike Axworthy
“I wanted to express my deepest thanks for creating the Ergodox EZ keyboard. I sustained a debilitating injury last October that made it impossible to rotate my wrist. I fell into a deep depression and was working with many doctors on how to best move forward. It was a long recovery of physical and emotional therapy. I was typing with one hand for months until I could finally begin to rotate my wrist a bit. The Ergodox allowed me to comfortably type for short periods each day without the fear of re-injury. Overtime I was able to comfortably type during my full 8 hour work session.”
Jacob Weiner
“Thank you for all you and your team do - at the risk of waxing maudlin, my Ergodox changed my life.”
Patrick Plummer
“I bought an Ergodox EZ in 2020 and it's been a joy to work with!”
William Clarke
“Thanks for the emails and the brilliant keyboard.”
Sam Hakem
“I love my Ergodox EZ and have been happily using for a few years now!”
Jonathan Zheng
“It definitely helped eased my pain significantly, especially when I was using the keyboard for long periods of time or gaming
  • While my wrist isn't fully recovered, I do not feel pain while using this keyboard at all
  • I think that the vast customisation available (macros) for the keyboard greatly helps to reduce the strenuous positions that my fingers/wrist may be placed”
David Song
“The Ergodox EZ lets me cut down on seconds, make sure I'm entering everything fast and accurately, and virtually give up on my mouse. And when it's all said and done, I unplug my keyboard, bring it home and can use it like a normal keyboard at home, for gaming, web browsing and everything else I do.”
David Burke
“My Ergodox is one of the most important parts of my studio kit. Should I ever need another one it's a no-brainer, instant-buy item. I resent normal keyboards now. IMO, if you type a lot, you're foolish not to switch to an Ergo keyboard. I love how my layout has evolved over the years to become more and more streamlined. The software is easy to use, the Ergo itself is solid, and the team seems to really care about their products and customers. 10/10, best office upgrade I've ever made.”
Brad Bordessa

If videos are not your cup of tea, but video games are: MMORPG.com, published a complete review about the keyboard with gaming in mind. And awarding us the Golden Hardware Award.
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Matija Čupić from GitLab, wrote about his journey from a generic mechanical keyboard to the ErgoDox EZ in his post: Ergodox EZ is THE Keyboard.

Ben Frain from Smashing Magazine, said that the ErgoDox EZ “might be the best $350 you can invest in your personal hardware, and perhaps even personal well-being”: A Complete Guide To Mechanical Keyboards

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