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Linus from Linus Tech Tips raising an Ergodox-EZ Shine

Here are some of the nice things people around the Web said about the ErgoDox EZ, in their own words:

If videos are not your cup of tea, but video games are: MMORPG.com, published a complete review about the keyboard with gaming in mind. And awarding us the Golden Hardware Award.
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Matija Čupić from GitLab, wrote about his journey from a generic mechanical keyboard to the ErgoDox EZ in his post: Ergodox EZ is THE Keyboard.

Ben Frain from Smashing Magazine, said that the ErgoDox EZ “might be the best $350 you can invest in your personal hardware, and perhaps even personal well-being”: A Complete Guide To Mechanical Keyboards

And a few more:

People hanging Ergodox EZ over their necks

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