The Gift of ErgoDox EZ

$355 would get your loved one an ErgoDox EZ Shine or Glow (our top-of-the-line models) with all bells and whistles, including international delivery.

It will likely take a little over two weeks from the time they order the keyboard until they get it — we spend about two weeks making the unit to order, and then we ship it with a super-fast courier.

Please note that if you're making this order from outside the US, additional import fees may apply upon receipt of the keyboard, per local law.


In store credit

Uncompromising 2-year warrantyFree shipping: Ships in two weeks.

Need help? Read our FAQ below.

A white Ergodox-ez wrapped with a ribbon

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the recipient claim the gift?

You'll be sending them a gift code; they will then go to the ErgoDox EZ site and configure their own keyboard, just the way they want it. When they get to the checkout page they'll just enter the code you gave them, and presto! One Ergodox EZ, coming up.

Will the recipient get billed anything extra?

If they're having the keyboard shipped to the US, they may have to pay sales tax when they redeem the gift card. If they're having it shipped elsewhere, they may have to pay customs charges when they get the board.

Will I be notified when my recipient claims their store credit?

Nope — you'll have to talk to them to find out! :) Ask them what switches they went with.

Is the store credit refundable?

As long as it hasn't been used, for sure!

I have more questions.

That's alright: We've got more answers. Check our extensive Ergodox EZ FAQs or send us an email at [email protected].