An Ergodox-ez with a trackball mouse inbetween

ErgoDox EZ: About the keyboard

So here's the thing about your keyboard: It's yours.

When you sit down behind the wheel of a new car, the first thing you do is probably slide the seat so it's the right distance from the pedals. Then you adjust the mirrors, maybe change the angle of the steering wheel, until the car works with your body.

With most keyboards, you just place your fingers on the keys, and, well, that's about it. Not much else you can do. But unless you're a professional driver, you probably spend way more time typing than you do driving.

We think your keyboard should adapt to your body, not the other way around.

Left side of an ergodox-ez

That's why everything about the ErgoDox EZ is customizable:

Left and Right half of the Ergodox-ez

The keyboard is made up of two separate halves, which you can position independently. Why hunch over a keyboard when you can place your hands at shoulder width?

Close up of the tent-kit

We developed a custom Tilt/Tent kit composed of six legs that allow you to adjust the angle of the keyboard until it's perfect.

Close up of the switches in the left half of the Ergodox-ez

The feel of the keyboard is customizable, right down to how hard you have to press each key, and whether or not it clicks. We offer a choice of 16 keyswitches, each with a different feel. Make it retro-clicky or silky smooth, it's up to you. Learn more about our keyswitches

Black and white ergodox halves with different keycaps

You can pick the keycaps that are right for you. Do you touch type and like the stark minimalism of an all-black, blank keyboard? Our blank, sculpted keycaps would be perfect for you. Of course, there's also a model with beautifully printed keycaps. Learn more about our keycaps

Keys flying from an Ergodox-ez

You can move the keys around. Don't like where the Space key is? No problem! Turn another key into Space, or change the letters around for an alternative layout. Our open-source firmware lets you customize the keyboard itself. Learn more about our firmware

You can make even better use of easy-to-reach keys with dual-function keys, an advanced ErgoDox EZ feature that allows you to use a key as both a letter (say, z) and a modifier (Ctrl, Alt, or anything else). This is just an example: You can do so much more with Oryx, our graphical configurator.

2 Years Warranty. For the long haul

The ErgoDox EZ is made to last, with uncompromising build quality, a housing that's reinforced with metal where it meets the tilt/tent kit, and a generous two-year warranty. This is a keyboard you're going to be using for years to come.

The ErgoDox EZ isn't a keyboard for everyone:
It's the keyboard for you.