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Our Keycaps

Interested in some standalone keycaps? If you already have an ErgoDox you can purchase a set by clicking here! Browse keycaps

Blank, sculpted keycaps

The professional name for these keycaps is DCS, and they are made by Signature Plastics. There are a few things you should know about them:

  • They are sculptured, which means each row of keys is differently shaped. If you carefully look at the image above, you will see this: The bottom keys are angled upwards to meet your fingers, while the top keys are angled down.
  • They come with tactile nubs on the two keys where F and J usually sit (for QWERTY). So you can rest your fingers on them and know you're on the home row.
  • They are made of PBT plastic.

The blank keycaps are ideal for users who are comfortable touch typing and don't need to locate individual keys out of context (i.e, hit just the J key on its own suddenly).

Printed, uniform keycaps

These keycaps, also made by Signature Plastics, come with letters and characters printed on them. Here's what you need to know about them:

  • Only the 1x1 keys on the body of the keyboard have characters, as you can see above. This is an intentional choice, as it allows you to decide what the keys on the periphery of the keyboard do. Those outside keys are blank so you'll never end up with labels that are wrong.
  • All of the keys are the same profile (DSA). This means you can move them around as needed. If you use Colemak, Norman, Dvorak, or any other alternative keyboard layout, you'll be able to move them around.
  • When ordering printed keycaps you get two sets of F and J keys, with tactile nubs and without tactile nubs. You can choose which to use.
  • They are made of ABS plastic.

Have any other questions about the keycaps? Let us know!