Default Firmware Keymap

The ErgoDox EZ is open-source, but the firmware it ships with is already very advanced. When you take your ErgoDox EZ out of the box and plug it in, this is what you get:


Click here for a high-resolution version of the keymap

Some of the fun features:

  • A coder-friendly symbol layer.
  • Media keys on your right hand.
  • Mouse keys.
  • A Hyper key, as described by Brett Terpstra.
  • A meh key, which is a less-hyper version of the Hyper key (sends Alt+Ctrl+Shift, without Cmd/Ctrl).
  • A bilingual-friendly key for sending Alt+Shift in a single keystroke.
  • Easily accessible Ctrl keys on your pinkeys, right next to Shift. Tap to send the usual keypress, hold to send Ctrl.
  • A Ctrl key on the thumb cluster that also doubles as Esc when you tap it.
  • An Alt key on the thumb cluster that also works as an Apps (right-click) key when you tap it.
  • Shift, of course, still works as you'd expect it to. so Shift+8 sends * for instance.

Customizing your ErgoDox EZ

Out of the box, your ErgoDox EZ comes with the default ErgoDox EZ firmware (QMK, or Quantum Mechanical Keyboard) and QWERTY keyboard layout as shown above. You can, however, completely transform it. Decide what each key does, and even create entirely new layers of keys. The default firmware has a dedicated layer for numbers and coder-friendly symbols, and a layer with media keys and mouse keys. It also supports N-key rollover out of the box. Then again, you can customize it any way you like.

To make these changes, you have three options:

Use our Graphical Configurator

An important part of what makes the ErgoDox EZ ergonomic is that you can completely customize it. Make it the perfect keyboard — for you.

You can do almost anything without writing a single line of code, and without installing any software on your computer.

Learn all about it.

Use a community-created version of the firmware

The ErgoDox EZ is all about choice and customization, so we love it when people take the firmware and run with it.

  • Seth Herr created a GitHub repository with firmware files and clear, simple documentation showing how to use them. A great resource for getting started.
  • Stephan Bösebeck created lovely writeup documenting his experiences with the ErgoDox EZ and customizing it for German. Useful even if you use the keyboard in English or any other language.

Done anything cool with firmware for the ErgoDox EZ? Let us know — we'd love to feature you!

Compile the firmware on your own

If you happen to know C, you can customize and compile the actual firmware the ErgoDox is running. This firmware has been created by Jack Humbert of OLKB fame, and is available on GitHub -- that's a direct link to the ErgoDox EZ keymap C file, which you can modify to your liking. And yes, we will fully respect your warranty if you flash your own version (or any other firmware for that matter).