Our Graphical Configurator

An important part of what makes our keyboards ergonomic is that you can completely customize them. Make your EZ the perfect keyboard for you.

  • Don't like where the Shift key is? Move it, or make several new ones! This goes for any other key - letters, numbers, modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Command). Move things around!
  • Want a modifier key right in your home row? Easy -- use dual-function keys, so when you tap your key you get a letter (A for example) and when you hold it down, it works as Ctrl, Alt, Shift, etc.
  • Want a single key that sends Ctrl+S, or any other key combo? No problem.
  • Create multiple layers, so you can have application-specific keyboard layers. Start an image editor or any other application, flip to its layer, and all of your favorite shortcuts are a single keystroke away.

You can do all of this (and more, actually) without writing a single line of code, and without installing any software on your computer. Here's how:

Try the Graphical Configurator