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Where do you ship?

The ErgoDox EZ ships worldwide. We use UPS, DHL and TNT to get your keyboards to you as quickly and as safely as possible. We ship from Taiwan.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping for keyboards is free, woohoo! This is courier shipping to anywhere in the world, very fast and fully tracked.

Shipping for accessories is priced per accessory and clearly shown on the checkout page. You can opt for EMS (postal mail) or courier shipping for your accessories.

Who is responsible for customs, duties and taxes?

First things first: If you're ordering from the US, there are no import duties (that's due to US regulations). If you're ordering from the EU or elsewhere, you will very likely be required to pay customs and handling charges. These are typically charged by the local shipping company upon arrival. We are not able to estimate or charge these fees in advance, nor do we have any control over them. These charges are unrelated to the shipping charge.

We understand that taxes can be frustrating, but if you order an ErgoDox EZ and then change your mind because of the taxes your country charges, it means we have to pay UPS to ship it back to us. Therefore, we will not be able to issue a full refund.

You can try to get an estimate of these taxes by searching for "Duty Calculator" (we don't link to a specific one as each country has its own, usually). The HS code for the keyboard is 84716030103, and we ship from Taiwan.

We are a Canadian company. So, for customers ordering from Canada: goods shipped to Canadian customers are subject to taxes in accordance with the Excise Tax Act and are charged upon delivery. The customer will pay sales tax when receiving their product. 

When will I receive my ErgoDox EZ?

For most of the year, it takes us around three weeks to ship the ErgoDox EZ to you. Most of that time is spent making your keyboard to order -- actual shipping is very fast, via courier. 

Around Chinese New Year (February), our production employees in Taiwan get time off for the holiday. This affects our lead time -- orders made in February can take up to six weeks to ship. We'd rather take longer to ship a keyboard than make our employees work through the holidays. :)

If you think your keyboard should have shipped but you did not yet get an email with tracking information, you can always write us and ask.

What cables ship with the ErgoDox EZ?

The ErgoDox EZ comes with USB A to mini USB cable for connecting your keyboard to your computer, as well as a TRRS cable for connecting the two halves together. The USB cable is 210cm long and the TRRS cable is 70cm long.

What keyswitches work with the "change-it-yourself" feature?

Change-it-yourself (CIY) is a standard feature on all ErgoDox EZ keyboards sold from January 2018 onwards (revision 5 and up). You're not limited to using our keyswitches - any plate-mounted Cherry-compatible keyswitch would work. Note that PCB-mounted keyswitches are not compatible with our CIY keyboards.

What is your warranty policy?

The ErgoDox EZ is covered by an extensive 2-year warranty from the date of original purchase, to the original buyer (the warranty is non-transferable). As long as you don't take it apart or physically break it, you should be covered. If you feel that something isn't working right, or have any questions regarding our warranty, please contact us.

Can I return the keyboard?

If you're not happy with your ErgoDox EZ for any reason, please contact us. We're a small scale company and we care deeply about our product. We will do everything in our power to help you. We have a 30-day return window from the time of delivery. You'll have to ship it back at your own expense to Taiwan via a tracked shipping method. Note that the cost of shipping back may be significant (depending on where you're shipping from).

What are the red washers that came with my keyboard for?

The washers you received with your ErgoDox EZ make your tilt/tent kit infinitely adjustable. If you find that none of the available positions on the tilt/tent kit do the trick for you, simply place the washers on the legs for infinite adjustability!

Can I exchange the keyboard if I want different switches?

If you decide you want different switches within 30 days from the time you receive the keyboard, you may exchange your unit for a new board. You would have to pay shipping both ways: Ship the unit back to Taiwan (this may get expensive, depending on your location), and then purchase shipping for the new unit we'll send over. Yes, this does get expensive, unfortunately.

Why is the ErgoDox EZ expensive?

The base ErgoDox design is open-source, so the answer to this question is easy to determine on your own: Build an ErgoDox! Source the parts, assemble the SMT components, solder everything else, get the acrylic etc. Then look at how long it took, how much the parts cost, and how your end result looks next to an ErgoDox EZ.

The base ErgoDox design was never meant to be produced at scale. Still, we liked it and rose to the challenge -- but its inherent complexity is translated to extremely high manufacturing costs, as any hobbyist can find out for themselves.

Additionally, the keyboard is made in an office building in Taiwan by fairly paid employees who enjoy full benefits and holidays -- not contractors in a factory in China. That impacts the cost as well, and we're proud to be able to offer good working conditions.