A proven ergonomic powerhouse.
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Ergodox EZ Glow
  • A split keyboard: Work at shoulder width
  • Columnar layout: For improved typing comfort
  • Reliable: A workhorse that keeps going for years
  • Customizable: A powerful graphical configurator you can try before you buy
  • Hot-swappable: Choose your own keyswitches and swap them out anytime
  • Open-source: One of the first keyboards to use QMK firmware
  • Backed by a serious warranty: Two years. Ask around about the ZSA warranty — we're famous
  • Gets better with time: New features constantly developed — see our blog
Linus from Linus Tech Tips raising an Ergodox EZ

“A no-compromises ergonomic keyboard that actually looks as good as it feels.”

Linus Tech Tips | Watch the full review

The ErgoDox EZ is a proven design.

Since our successful crowdfunding campaign all the way back in 2015, well over 100,000 people have relied on the ErgoDox EZ to get important work done. It’s a reliable design that works well and is deeply supported.

A crowdfunding success
Two halves of the White Ergodox EZ Glow


Open Source




Black Ergodox EZ with Tilt Kit

Split Design

With a truly split layout, the ErgoDox EZ allows you to position each half where it makes sense to you. Typing at shoulder width allows you to keep your chest open and instantly leads to a more relaxed posture. No more hunching over the keyboard.

Download a life-size printable PDF, to try it out on your desk

Comes from a great family

We've been making high-end keyboards since 2015.
Here's our lineup.

Ultimate portability. Ergonomics, anywhere.

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Features an articulating thumb cluster. Over 40,000 units sold.

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Our first keyboard, going strong for years. An ergonomic classic with a big community.

Customize yours  

For people who mainly use a keyboard as a control surface for a creative application.

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Best Ergonomic Keyboard:

The Upgrade Pick

Wirecutter: A New York Times Company

Golden Hardware Award:

What powerful looks like

Left side of an Ergodox EZ Glow, showing its columnar layout


When you extend your finger, it doesn't go sideways, does it? So why are the keys on your keyboard not directly on top of each other? The answer is archaic design, which we fixed. The ErgoDox EZ has linear columns of keys, reducing finger travel and fatigue.

2 Year Warranty: For The Long Haul

Uncompromising 2-year warranty

The ErgoDox EZ is a serious investment in your future well being, and our warranty policy reflects this. Every unit comes with a two-year, no-BS, no fine-print warranty.

You can even extend this by two additional years, for a four-year warranty on your ErgoDox EZ.

Read more at zsa.io

Smart Layers

Switch to Photoshop, and the “Photoshop” layer on your ZSA keyboard automatically activates. Click into Fortnite, and now your “Game” layer is suddenly active.

See Smart Layers
Black Ergodox EZ Glow with Printed Keycaps
Black Ergodox EZ Glow with Printed Keycaps
Customize Yours

Every unit made to order. Create a keyboard that's perfect for you.


No more squishy keys: With a mechanical keyboard, each keypress is distinct and tactile. The ErgoDox EZ is available with many switch types, from soft and quiet to firm and clicky.

Learn more about our switches
Two rows of mechanical key switches
KeyswitchKeycapsCircuit Board

Change your own keyswitches

Gain ultimate control over your hardware: Change any keyswitch on your ErgoDox EZ, at any time, without soldering and without voiding the warranty. Your keyboard, your switches, your way.

Find out why this is a game changer
Ergodox EZ flat on a table

Tilt/Tent Kit

The third dimension: Thanks to our custom tilt/tent kit, you can control the angle of the keyboard in relation to your desk. Angle both halves to create a “pyramid”, create a negative incline, or any other angle that works for you.

White Wing Wrist RestRight Wing Wrist RestLeft Wing Wrist Rest

Wing Wrist Rest

Our heavy, custom-molded Wing wrist rest was designed to complement the contour of the ErgoDox EZ. We made it separate from the keyboard to allow you to control the distance between the wrist rest and the keyboard.

Being a separate part, the Wing is fully washable and is easy to clean.

Blank and Printed Keycap

Printed or Blank

Our printed keycaps cover the alphanumeric characters of the keyboard, leaving the edges completely open to remapping. They are all the same profile so you can easily move them around for Colemak, Norman, or any other layout. Our blank keycaps are sculpted, DCS profiles.

Learn more about our keycaps
Glow Ergodox EZ

Three Lighting Options

Want backlit keys? We've got them. The ErgoDox EZ Glow comes with powerful, fully-programmable RGB LEDs under the letter clusters. It ships with custom doubleshot keycaps, and supports fun animations, too.

Customize Yours

EZ Glow

With the ErgoDox EZ Glow, you can highlight just the keys that are active in the current layer — or the whole layer, in any color you choose.

ergodox ez glow 1ergodox ez glow 2ergodox ez glow 3

EZ Shine

For the ErgoDox EZ Shine, set a distinct hue for every layer and make it easy to tell at a glance which layer is active.

ergodox ez shine 1ergodox ez shine 2ergodox ez shine 3

A sustainable keyboard

Too many devices are built to break or become obsolete in a year or two. That's bad for your pocket, and for the planet. We made sure our keyboards stay useful for many years to come.

Learn more at zsa.io
Built to last
People hanging Ergodox EZ over their necks

Used by

We make keyboards for pros. Five key questions,
answered by our users.

Learn more at zsa.io
Left side of an Ergodox EZ, Right side of a Moonlander

Ergodox EZ, or Moonlander Mark 1?

We don’t like to compare the Ergodox EZ and the Moonlander, simply because they are just different boards, not necessarily better or worse than the other. But, if you’re deciding between the two, here are some stats that may help you decide which will suit you better.

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Monitor showing the live training page

Learn by doing

It's deliberate practice, for typing. Our Live Training tool includes everything you need to master your new keyboard layout and level up over time, for your own comfort and productivity nirvana.

Learn more

And you can make it your own.

QMK Logo


The powerful firmware that runs on your ErgoDox EZ is called QMK and it's open-source, available on GitHub. While you can use the configurator to quickly put together a layout, having complete access to the firmware source code means you can dig as deep as you'd like.

Fork us on Github
Oryx Logo

Graphical Configurator

A big part of what makes a keyboard ergonomic is making it work for you. Our powerful configurator allows you to change virtually anything about the keyboard, save your layouts, and iterate on them to create your very own perfect keyboard.

32 on a keycap

Multiple layers

Need easy access to your F-keys? Want a mechanical numpad? Need programmer-friendly symbols right on your home row? With multiple layers, all of this becomes trivial. It's like a Shift key on steroids.

Hyper, Cmd, and Ctrl Keycaps

Dedicated Hyper and Meh keys

Unlock the power of system-wide shortcuts. Hyper is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Cmd, while Meh is Ctrl+Shift+Alt. No sane application on your machine uses these, which means you get free system-wide shortcuts.

Astronaut with Shift and Close Parenthesis Keycaps

Space-cadet Shift

Use your Shift key for more. Press and hold it, and it acts as Shift. Tap it on its own, and it sends a parentheses — open parens on the left Shift, close parens on the right Shift. This is not enabled by default, but is trivial to enable using the configurator.

Keycap with Mouse graphics

Mouse Control

Never take your hands off the keyboard. The ErgoDox EZ can emulate a mouse, allowing you to control your cursor, scrollwheel and mouse buttons quickly and effectively.

Z keycapCtrl keycap

Dual-function Keys

Tap your Z key, and it sends the letter Z as expected. Press and hold it down... and it becomes Alt. That is the power of dual-function keys: When tapped, they send a character. When held, they act as a modifier. Alt, Ctrl and friends have never been easier to reach.

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