ErgoDox EZ Snow & Shine

Oh, and did anyone say backlight?

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ErgoDox EZ Snow & Shine

As powerful as ever — now, snow-white

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Open-source firmware + RGB LEDs = win

Each half of the ErgoDox EZ Shine is fitted with a strip of 15 ultra-bright RGB LEDs. Our open-source QMK firmware gives you complete control over these: Create rainbow effects, animated light shows, and more. Make them as dim or as bright as you'd like. Indicate the active layer, or even create "Do not disturb" lighting so your colleagues know you're in the zone just by looking at your desk.

ErgoDox EZ Shine: With 15 powerful RGB LEDs on either side, the ErgoDox EZ Shine illuminates your work like never before. Forget indicator LEDs: This keyboard has its own atmosphere lighting.

ErgoDox EZ Snow: Completely identical to the Shine in every way, only it has no LEDs. Comes with the same custom designed keycap set and acessories.

Let your work shine. Literally.

If you love typing as much as we do, you know the joy of a well-honed instrument under your fingers. A direct interface from your brain to your screen, completely customizable to work just like you need it to. Whether you opt for the Snow or the Shine, that powerful core remains, and gets a whole new look.

Details matter.

Our very first crowdfunding prototype was white. Ever since, numerous people have been asking for a production version. This is it, only far more refined. We've also created all-white special editions of our accessories, and we're offering the white version as one complete kit. Even the rubber feet on the tilt/tent kit are white.

The whole shebang

Both the ErgoDox EZ Shine and Snow come with our complete accessory bundle: The custom Wing wrist rest and our exclusive Tilt/tent kit. The Wing is all-white, and the tilt/tent kit has white accents. It's the complete ErgoDox EZ experience.

A careful blend of materials, textures, and colors

The shell of the ErgoDox EZ is made of ABS plastic. The printed keycaps are made of ABS as well, while the blank ones are made of PBT. And the Wing wrist rest is cast out of a silicone that was selected for both feel and durability. Since these are all different materials, there are color variations between the various components of the keyboard. So the keycaps may appear to be slightly more bluish-white than the ABS shell, for instance. We decided that the correct choice of materials trumps color match, and the resulting blend of colors reflects this. So your keyboard will not be a uniform shade of white since each component and material has its own distinctive hue of white.

Our custom-designed keycap sets: Printed and blank

Printed keys: DSA profile, in ABS plastic. The letters are centered as in the images above. The two 2x vertical keys on each thumb cluster are in classic gray, reminiscent of the IBM Model M.

Blank keys: Sculpted keycaps, DCS profile where each row of keys is shaped differently, in PBT plastic. The four home-row keys on each half are in the same timeless gray.

Your next keyboard is here.


All accessories included

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ErgoDox EZ White Bundle: Snow and Shine - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.