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Made-to-order hand warmers for typists

Keeps you toasty, may help with RSI. All profits go to charity.

Keep your hands warm,
and support a good cause

We're constantly on the lookout for ways to have a positive impact. We also love makers. So, when Julia reached out to us with her handmade hand warmers, I had to take a look. She sent me two pairs of warmers to try out, and I loved them.

That's when we put together this fun little plan: 100 pairs of hand warmers, handmade by Julia in the US, in an exclusive pattern for ZSA. ZSA will donate all profits to charity:water, a high-impact nonprofit that helps bring safe drinking water to those most in need.

To celebrate the cause, Julia picked out a striking shade of deep blue, and added a hand-stamped wave motif on each warmer. She also picked out a fabric blend that minimizes cotton (a water-intensive crop) while preserving the plush and pleasant feel of the hand warmers.

These are pretty great to type in, and I hope you like them. Read more about the hand warmers and Julia's work below, and maybe get a pair and support a great cause.

All the best,
Erez Zukerman,
ZSA Technology Labs

Hand warmers
purpose-built for typing

Handmade in Seattle, Washington, hand warmers from Refiber Designs are specifically designed for wrist and hand comfort while working on the computer and other hands-on activities. The top edge of each glove is shorter/angled for full-range finger mobility, and a side slit near the wrist allows for easy stretch to get on and off. These deep navy blue hand warmers are the first Refiber Designs gloves made with eco-friendly bamboo fabric, a knit outer fabric, and incredibly soft fleece lining. They are hand-stamped with a water waves design in black on each glove.

Materials and Care: Fleece lining and knit outer fabric: 66% Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Hero today, gone tomorrow

About Refiber Designs

A small one-person business owned by Julia Tatiyatrairong who produces all of her hand warmers locally in Seattle, Washington. Julia sources sustainable fabrics made in the US, recycles all fabric scraps from production and takes the time to craft each handmade pair of gloves herself.

She knitted her first pair of hand warmers for her boyfriend, who works in tech. He was looking for ways to help prevent repetitive strain injury and heard how keeping your hands warm while you work can help. After a couple of years of seeing him enjoy wearing them every day and have noticeably less RSI issues, Julia began to take the idea more seriously. With some first-hand feedback from her earliest adopter, she began prototyping, and after some thorough testing, her hand warmers are now patent pending!