Why spin when you can Click?

Send a message with the Satellite.

The ErgoDox EZ is the best mechanical keyboard out there. It’s ergonomic, customizable and… addictively clicky. So why not take that fun with you everywhere you go?

Introducing the ErgoDox EZ Satellite. A fidget toy that’s classy enough to look good on your desk, and clicky enough to satisfy your bubble-wrap cravings forever. The Satellite comes with the mechanical switches you know and love, but this time they’ll be helping your productivity in a whole new way.

This is one handsome toy, and you won’t be able to put it down. We certainly can’t.

Fun to use, pleasing to watch.

When it's time to use your hands for typing again, simply place the Satellite back in its included docking station.

You hate dust as much as we do? Fear not, our Satellite comes with a protective dome keeping any foreign particles from tainting it. Truly special spacial.

Tactical fun that won't get lost in space

For those times when you have to take your work outside, we've included a strap that you can use to maneuver the Satellite at will. Looks great in your hand, and on your keychain.

There is one important choice for you to make: Clicky, or stealthy as a space ninja.

The Satellite comes with the same keycaps we ship on the ErgoDox EZ: Quality DSA-profile caps manufactured in the US by Signature Plastics, in matching black.

There is one important choice for you to make: Clicky, or stealthy as a space ninja.

Your Satellite

We understand that our Satellite is not rocket science. However, this fun fidget toy will keep you company while you do your rocket science - or non-critical engineering like us. ;)

Here's what you're getting:

The Clicky Satellite with black keycaps, stand, dome and strap. $29 Free shipping Order Now