Moonlander MK1

Planck EZ vs. OLKB Planck

If you’re already familiar with the OLKB Planck, or if you’re wondering which Planck board would work best for you, here’s a comparison of some features:

Planck EZ

OLKB Planck
Case material ABS Al or FR4
Note: Some parts are open source, so whatever you want!
Metal plate N Optional
PCB compatible with other known cases? N Y
Weight approx. 400 grams Varies
CE/FCC certified Y Y
Warranty 2 years Case by case because of DIY
Kit/built-it-yourself N Y
Board/case (etc.) available separately N Y
Full-matrix (48-key) option N Y
Wireless / Bluetooth N N
Buy with no switches? N Y
Support for rotary encoders? Y
Backlighting Y
(Glow model)
Hot-swappable switches Y Y
Availability Always! Most of the time
Delivery time
(from the time you click Buy until you have it on your desk)
2 weeks 1-4 weeks
Supported by ZSA OLKB
Works with Oryx Y N
Works with QMK Y Y

Bottom line: they’re both great products, but you may be happier with one or the other depending on what you’re looking for! Both boards use the extremely powerful and flexible QMK firmware. If you want a fully-assembled keyboard that you can just plug in and start typing on, the Planck EZ is probably for you. If you’re a hardware modder (or want to start), then the OLKB Planck is probably more your style.