Our Keycaps

Printed, backlit keycaps

For the Planck EZ, we partnered once again with Taiwanese keycap manufacturer, Tai-Hao. These are essentially the same keycaps as we use on the ErgoDox EZ Glow, but for the Planck EZ we did a little extra: Custom keycaps. You see, the Planck EZ has no blank keycaps: Each and every keycap gets a beautiful doubleshot legend, including board-specific keys such as Raise and Lower. Even the QMK firmware logo is featured!

  • The characters are doubleshot with milky see-through plastic, and are placed directly over the LED for maximum visibility.
  • All of the keys are the same profile (OEM Row 3). This means you can move them around as needed. If you use Colemak, Norman, Dvorak, or any other alternative keyboard layout, you'll be able to move them around.
  • The spacebar is a custom keycap produced for the Planck EZ. It's a convex key, profiled just like a regular wide spacebar, but with a profile that blends perfectly with the OEM Row 3 keycaps used for the rest of the board.
  • They are made of PBT plastic.