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Ergodox EZ


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Lights where
you need

We placed LEDs where they make sense: under the letters you need to see. The side columns and thumb clusters remain unchanged.

Make it fun with animations

Using the power of the open-source QMK firmware, we’ve enabled beautiful, smooth LED animations.

You could light every letter with one solid hue, or make them dance.

Change It Yourself...
With LEDs

We took everything we liked about our recently-introduced Change-It-Yourself model, and added programmable RGB LEDs under the keyswitches.

The lights are on the circuit board, not in the keyswitches. You can swap out your keyswitches with any LED-compatible keyswitch, such as any of the Kailh switches we offer.

All-New Keycaps

To make the ErgoDox EZ Glow happen, we partnered with an entirely new keycap vendor, Tai-Hao. These printed keycaps are made in Taiwan according to our specifications, in black and white. The characters are doubleshot with milky see-through plastic, and are placed directly over the LED for maximum visibility.

As before, all keycaps have the same profile, so you can easily move them around for Dvorak, Colemak, or any other keyboard layout.



The characters are baked into each key using translucent, milky plastic.

Made for ErgoDox EZ

Made for EZ

A bold and readable font was produced for the ErgoDox EZ by Tai-Hao.



All keycaps share the same profile, making them easy to move around.

Black or White
#FFF Available in #000

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